Your First Visit

What should I bring?

For your first visit please bring the following items:

  • Your referral letter (if not sent already via your GP)
  • ALL x-rays, scans and blood test relating to your referral
  • Medicare care card
  • Private health care card
  • If you wish please feel free to bring a family member or friend with you

How long is my consultation?

Your consultation time will depend on the complexity of your condition. On average most consultations are around 45 minutes. Sometimes patients’ conditions are complex and require further time to discuss in details. In these cases your appointment may take longer.

In a few cases there is a considerable amount of information to discuss. You may be offered a second appointment to discuss further aspects in greater detail. If this is the case it is a good idea to write questions down and bring a family member performed with you.


St Andrews War Memorial Hospital

Parking can be difficult around the hospital. There is limited street parking. Allow 2 hours on the meter for new referrals). Paid car parking is available under the hospital it self. The entrance is located via the emergency department entrance on North Street (on the left as you head down the hill).

Holy Spirit North Side Parking

Paid Parking is available at the multistorey car park next to Prince Charles Hospital. Then follow the signs to the main reception at Holy Spirit Hospital. Then take the lift to level 3 of the medical centre.

Trouble Walking

There is a patient drop and disabled patient drop-off outside the main entrance to each hospital. Please feel free to use this service

Rescheduling or running late for your appointment


All efforts will be made to offer an appointment time that is suitable to you. If you need an early or late appointment please let the reception staff know when you make your appointment.

If you need to reschedule please just phone the rooms on (07) 32263800 as soon as possible so a new appointment can be made and your position can be offered to someone else.

Running late

We understand that this can happen for many reasons (traffic, children etc.). If this occurs please phone the staff and let them know. We will always do our best to accommodate.

Fees explained

  • Out of pocket expenses to occur when providing a surgical service. Fees are based on the Australian Medical Association (AMA) recommendations. These fees are determined on the complexity of the surgery, time taken, expertise required.
  • The Medicare schedule of fees was instigated in the 1980’s and has not changed since. Unfortunately the cost of providing medical services has increased significantly over the last 20-30 years.

  • The Medicare schedule does not reflect the true cost of your surgery. This has resulted in a gap between the true cost and rebates you may be eligible for
  • The Medicare rebate will only cover 75% of the scheduled government fee. Your health fund will cover some of the remaining fee up to the full total of the scheduled fee.
  • Unfortunately nearly all health funds will not cover the true cost of the surgery which results in a short fall between the recommended AMA fee and your combined Medicare and health fund rebate. This is known as a ‘GAP PAYABLE’
  • Dr. Greens policy is to keep fees as low as possible and will provide you further explanation of fees at the time of your appointment.