The Australian Medical Association (AMA) provides and annual listing of operation costs and expenses. Dr. Green follows the recommended fees as listed by the AMA.

Out-of-pocket costs are a shortfall created by Medicare and the health funds placing a much lower value on the service being given, and not recognizing the significant costs incurred in running a private practice, the doctors' years in training, technical skill, and personal commitment to our patients.

The rebates offered by Medicare and health funds have not kept pace with general inflation (CPI). As such the difference between the true cost of your surgery and what is rebated is constantly increasing. Some procedures have been revalued more recently by Medicare and do not occur as larger gap than other procedures that have not been reviewed for 20 or more years.

You will receive separate information regarding the anesthetist’s fee, and there will also be some out-of-pocket costs for the pathologist because histological assessment of the tissue is complex.